The Two Barbers

The Two Barbers 1944

A Terrytoons cartoon released 1 September 1944. All is peaceful and quiet in the town of Terrytown. There's a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. The town also happily supports two barber shops, a big one for men and a little one under the floor for mice. All is cheerful until the appearance of a very mean, hungry old cat with big teeth and sharp claws! When one of the mice clips his whiskers, the cat runs back to the alley and gets more cats to come with him to clean out Terrytown. All looks doomed. The battles are furious. The mice are losing. Then a call goes out for the Champion of Justice. Mighty Mouse bounds to the rescue.

Wots All th' Shootin' fer

Wots All th' Shootin' fer 1940

The cats of two feuding hillbilly families make for a Romeo and Julliet love affair. the gun play mounts in fury until they realize the two have kittens, and quarrel ends.

The Silver Streak

The Silver Streak 1945

A Terrytoons cartoon released 20 July 1945. Mice live in an abandoned shack and have a friend in a Goofy-like dog named Rover, who protects them from the cats. The Country Cats hatch a plan to bump the dog off and gain access to the Mice Morsels. The cats trick Rover and seal him in a box and drop it onto a railroad track. The Silver Streak bears down on the crate as Mighty Mouse flies to the rescue! Mighty makes quick work of the cats.

Swim, Monkey, Swim!

Swim, Monkey, Swim! 1939

The animals are having a swimming contest. The strutting Saru-kun, a monkey, can't bring himself to admit that he cannot swim, and puts himself forward as a contestant. He dives right in, but immediately starts to sink. For some reason the bottom of the pool is littered with seaweed and coral, and a kappa, a type of water imp, also lives down there. Saru-kun fights with the kappa, and manages to seize the saucer off its head. The kappa agrees to let Saru-kun ride on his back while he swims, in exchange for the return of his saucer. Saru-kun then cruises right through the pool, looking for all the world like he is swimming under his own power, and wins the race successfully. But what happens in the end?

Flop Secret

Flop Secret 1951

Litle Rocquefort, the mouse named after a cheese, is reading a horror book to his cat pal. A Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde-type character is mixing his evil potion, and needs the tail of a black cat and chooses the one on Roquefort's buddy. The mouse comes to his rescue, and when Dr. Silvana ropes the cat's tail, Roquefort uses his tail to make an electrical short-circuit. After a few more harrowing chases, the mouse finally rescues the cat. The cat's finale act if to make Little Roquefort eat the book.

Spanish Onions

Spanish Onions 1930

A mouse invites his girlfriend to a bullfight and ends up in the ring when the matador is defeated.

Les Boys

Les Boys 1965

Shorty is unable to wake Swifty for their fishing trip and finally takes drastic measures in order to ensure they both make it to the lake.

Bike Ride

Bike Ride 2001

This freewheeling, free-associative short uses very cool white-on-black animation and a jazz percussion score to tell the heartbreaking story of James Peterson, a guy who rode his bike fifty miles to visit his girlfriend, only to receive a less-than-enthusiastic welcome. It's not a pretty story. Late that night, he rode home again.

Wife of Bath

Wife of Bath 1998

Based on Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic poetry. For attacking a young woman, an arrogant knight of King Arthur’s court is sentenced to death if he cannot answer the question “what do women most desire?” He travels far and wide with no success until he meets an old woman who promises him the answer, but at a price.


Nougat 2002

We're introduced to Nougat (the forgotten candy ingredient) who has some serious issues