Little Bugger

Little Bugger 1961

Bolshevik Foma Korshunov returns to his village. Soon his son, seven-year old Mishka gets a new nickname - "little communist". When bandits come to the village Mishka, knowing that the reds are close, saddles his horse and hurry to warn them about the danger.

Úpa en apuros

Úpa en apuros 1942

Upa en apuros is a 1942 Argentine short animated colour film created by Dante Quinterno. At the 1943 Argentine Film Critics Association Awards, Quinterno won the Special Prize (Premio especial) for the film due to it being the first animated colour film in Argentine cinema.

Jungle Stampede

Jungle Stampede 1950

While most of the footage is indeed authentic and the safari journey and the reason is real, this is far from being qualified as a documentary since it is filled with stock-footage and staged-incidents to add to the film moments of suspense and/or peril that were not part of the actual expedition, i.e., the camera shows a wild beast stalking the safari with the narrator explaining that the man is unaware that he is being stalked until the animal jumps and kills him. Obvious question would be why didn't the cameraman warn him? The film tells the story of two explorers, George Breakston and Yorke Coplen, setting out to make a photographic record of animal life, and the lives of the tribes they encounter along the way. It is broken up into three segments---the journey from Nairobi to the Land of the Pgymies; the trip from there to the territory of the Masai tribe; and the Masai tribe itself.

Travels of Hibari and Chiemi

Travels of Hibari and Chiemi 1962

Playhouse employees Okimi and Otoshi become involved in an undercover officer’s investigation of a gang when they accidentally walk in on a drug deal taking place at their theater.

The Real Thing

The Real Thing 1996

The Real Thing is the first feature length bouldering movie ever made. Britain's top rock climbers Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon take you on a rollercoaster road trip from the classic gritstone crags of the UK's Peak District to the mecca of European and World climbing in Fontainebleau, France. Also starring climbing hero Sean Myles, the late and great Kurt Albert and French climbing legend Marc Le Menestrel. A must watch for all boulderers, with an unforgettable pumping soundtrack. The climax of the film is Moon's ascent of Fred Nicole's Karma (V11) - other highlights include Moffatt's 'hair-raising' drive, in his Lancia Evolution, from Sheffield to Stanage and some amazing training scenes; all great fun and reminder of how climbing used to be.

Gli ultimi filibustieri

Gli ultimi filibustieri 1943

Sequel to "Il figlio del corsaro rosso." Neala, daughter of the Red Corsair, is taken prisoner by the governor of Las Palmas, who wants to marry her for her dowry. Her brother, helped by the filibustieri, goes to her rescue.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved 2001

Super-soldier John-117, Master Chief of the United Nations Space Command, must battle a genocidal alien race known as the Covenant following his violent crash-landing on Halo, an ancient and mysterious ring-world.